Larry Barnes Memorial Service


Larry Barnes Memorial Service will be held this Friday October 23d 2015 at 300 pm at Calvary chapel in Santa Maria 2620 Santa Maria Way, Santa Maria, CA 93455

Orphaned @ The Track

Hoping the Karting community can come together and support karters in need

Tiffany and Matthew have endured hardship and numerous losses in their young lives. Nine years ago, the Barnes family – Larry, Tammy,  and two young children moved their ailing grandmother across country, where they all shared a single-wide trailer in Los Alamos, CA.  In 2010, after a lengthy illness, Grandma passed away. Three years later, in 2013, Tammy who had been suffering from a variety of serious and long term health issues suddenly passed away.

In order to fill the void of losing their mother, Larry created another family activity that all could enjoy and participate in. Larry introduced his children Tiffany-13, and Mathew-7, to go-karting.

Last Sunday, October 11, 2015, while the family was at the track, Larry died of a heart attack while racing. At the time, his son Matthew was on the grid waiting for his own race to begin. 15 year old Tiffany finished her race just prior.

Larry’s sudden and unexpected death left Mathew and Tiffany orphans at the track that day.  Larry is also survived by two adult children from a previous marriage – Alanna, 38 of Massachusetts, and Joshua 36 of Texas.

Alanna is planning to take guardianship of the children and move them into her home with her husband and 2 year old son in MA, where the majority of Larry’s family still lives and where Larry grew up.

Larry was a dedicated father who worked very hard to provide for Tiffany and Mathew by working long hours, often 7 days a week.  He did his best to spend as much quality time with them as possible – even after taking on the role of both mother and father.  Despite his hard work, he still stuggled to make ends meet.

All donations received will directly benefit Tiffany and Matthew.   We understand the expenses of transitioning the children to their new home across country will likely be extensive. Your donation will be used to meet the childrens’ immediate and long-term needs. We hope to provide them with a solid foundation in order to insure they can make the most of this unfortunate situation.

Thank you for any support that you may be able to offer in this difficult time.
Best regards,
Alanna and Josh
On behalf of The Barnes Family