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Become an SMKA Member Today!


Come on out and be part of the great family fun that makes the Santa Maria Karting Association what it is today!  Becoming an SMKA member comes with several privileges including:


         Reduced Rates for Track Usage

         Reduced Rates at Club Events (Open Track Days, Monthly Club Races, etc.)

         Eligibility for SMKA Championship Points

         Unescorted Daily Track Access


*All karters (members and non-members) may use the track during scheduled SMKA Club Events (Open Track Days, Practice Days, Club Races, etc.).  Unescorted access to the track on non-club event days requires a SMKA Member. 


A signed insurance waiver is required for each day the track is used for all persons who enter through the gate including spectators.


Access to the SMKA track is through a separate gate that is controlled and monitored by the club.  Airport Security Cards are no longer required or part of the SMKA Membership process.


        Click Here for the SMKA Track Membership Application

        Click Here for the SMKA Racer Membership Application




SMKA Membership and General Track Usage Costs:


The SMKA Membership Fee is pro-rated throughout the year.  Please include membership fees with your membership application.


SMKA Membership Items

Pro-Rated Track Access Dates

01/01/14 - 12/31/14

05/01/14 - 12/31/14

09/01/14 - 12/31/14

Primary Member





Additional Member (first)

(Spouse or Child/Grandchildren under 18)




Additional Member (2+)

(Spouse or Child/Grandchildren under 18)





Track Pass items are paid for at the time of track use. Please do not include Track Pass items with your membership payment.  The table below outlines the cost of using the track for members and non-members during Non-Club Events (general everyday access).


SMKA Track Pass Items

SMKA Member Prices:

Non-Member Prices

Driver Track Pass



Non-Driver Track Pass





Mail your Completed SMKA Membership Forms and Check to:


SMKA Membership

P.O. Box 572

Santa Maria, CA 93456